About Us

Investing in a better tomorrow

Andromeda Capital invests in projects which foster social, environmental and economic prosperity. To this end we back founders whose business models are based on our shared ideals:

That a well-funded, better-educated society will lead to a less uncertain global environment.
That investing in renewable energy is essential for future prosperity.

Our Investments

Andromeda's investors are passionate about the environment, education and doing business the right way. We prefer to invest in companies whose outlook is similar. With our partners' environmental, social and ethical business principles aligned with ours, our joint aim is to deploy intelligent capital and overcome the hurdles which prevent great ideas from reaching fruition.

Case Studies

Our investor partners and founders share our outlook and our objectives. Together, we believe that a better society relies on pragmatic investment in both accepted and atypical business models

The Future

At Andromeda, our goal is to open doors to future investment. We know there are many frustrated philanthropists in the market, looking to embrace growth that is at once commercially viable, sustainable and responsible

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